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Whether you're preparing for a special moment like an engagement or anniversary, giving a birthday gift, or want to make Christmas morning extra special, Gifts Craft can ensure every gift they receive from you is memorable. We can take any ordinary gift and make it extraordinary, so your loved one feels extra special.

Corporate Business Gift

Our specialization in Gifts Craft are the organic gifts, oriented to take care of nature. All the gifts we offer are from local artisans and most of them are made with natural products such as paper, organic food, wood, etc. Many of our gifts are designed especially for your company or your event on mind.

Handwritten Notes

Our writers allow you to scale and send your handwritten notes outreach, creating positive impressions . A beautiful handwritten note can actually make us more influential at work and in our own personal lives. It creates a positive sense of communication and has great influence on those both sending and receiving them.

First Class Gift Wrapping


Featured premium Gifts & Wrap



Premium 40# Coated

Semi-gloss, textured Paper


Premium 50# Coated Paper

Reversible in gold or green


Premium 60# Coated

Semi-gloss, textured Paper


Premium 60# Coated

Semi-matte, textured paper

Wrapping Options

Giving a beautifully wrapped gift makes a huge statement, it says, “You’re worth it, you’re appreciated, you’re loved!” To make your gift as memorable as possible we have three wrapping options to suit any style or budget

The Perfect Wrap
When you want to express your appreciation, choose Gifts Craft Perfect option. Using quality paper we will produce a beautifully wrapped package, accented with a matching bow and finished off with coordinating curling ribbon. We wrap your gift to perfection and ensure your gift becomes a classically beautiful presentation your recipient will admire


Small Packages* = $8.50

Medium Packages* = $10.00

Large Packages* = $12.00

The Exquisite Wrap
Show your loves ones, friends and colleagues you care with an Exquisitely wrapped gift. We surround your gift with high quality paper and accessorize it with coordinating elegant ribbon and a hand crafted bow. Our Exquisite collection turns your gift into a masterpiece


Small Packages* = $11.00

Medium Packages* = $13.00

Large Packages* = $16.00

The Extraordinary Wrap
When you really need to make a statement make sure your gift is Extraordinary. Using premium quality wrapping paper we meticulously wrap your gift to ensure there is no visible adhesive. Topped with a beautiful luxurious ribbon and hand crafted bow your gift presentation is flawless.


Small Packages* = $16.00

Medium Packages* = $20.00

Large Packages* = $24.00

Multi Package Wrapping

Whether you’ve got one special gift or multiple gifts, Gifted Wraps can ensure that each and every one is turned into something spectacular.
Multiple package wrapping discounts may be available. Contact us today for a quote.

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